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Content Filtering with a difference for Governments and ISP's. Protect children without censoring adults.

Children - Our World's Greatest Asset

Protect them all with TCG Family deployed at ISP level using a clean whitelist of over 65 million sites and totally customisable by parents.

Keeps Children Safe Online without censoring adults


  • Total protection on home computers AND all mobile devices including smartphones
  • No censorship for adults
  • Uses less data than filtering
  • Doesn’t slow down the system
  • Easy tools for parental management including remote access
  • Easily customisable for each child in the home
  • Cannot be circumvented using proxy servers
  • Creative and customisable landing pages for children
  • Online games
  • Tens of thousands clean YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • Educational content
  • TCG’s search engine makes it easy to surf the healthy internet.


Security is CriticalIn today’s world, no Government agency, corporation or small business is immune from cyber attacks. In order to protect critical infrastructure, maintain productivity and prevent information theft, a robust system is crucial. TCG Defender provides a dynamic integrated system providing real-time protection for businesses of all sizes.


  • Real-time, dynamic network protection
  • Defends servers against DoS/DDos attacks and protects critical infrastructure
  • Detects and blocks port scanning attacks
  • Prevents network from accessing unauthorised VPN servers
  • Detects behavioural anomalies
  • Email notification and SMS alerts
  • Real-time statistics for server hits and alerts
  • Identification of origin of attack
  • Monitors ports used for illegal activity
  • Allows server to be accessed only by specific IP range
  • Block domains or websites
  • Allows exemption for safe domains
  • Secure web-based control panel
  • Deployment via ISP, cloud or server


Invest in Productivity

Whilst it is accepted that the use of the Internet is a necessary part of the working day for the many employees, visiting non work related content should be restricted to the employees own time.

This will increase productivity, provide a safer work environment and educate employees on acceptable use of the internet in the workplace.

Risk to Your Organisation

  • Sexual harassmentAn employee viewing pornography at work puts the company at risk if another employee sees something offensive. The employer has a duty of care to ensure that the workplace is safe environment in all respects for all employees.
  • Illegal activityThe downloading of certain material in some countries may be breaking the law. Organisations can be held responsible if an employee accesses, distributes illegal information or uses that information to commit a crime.
  • Downloading of malicious filesThe indiscriminate downloading of files from the internet can introduce a whole host of potential security issues for the company. Viruses, phishing and malicious files can be downloaded by employees intentionally or accidentally.
  • Employee moraleThe distribution of inappropriate or negative information obtained from the internet can have a detrimental effect on staff morale. Staff exposed to inappropriate content in the workplace may quietly build resentment for their colleagues and employer.


  • Multi-level web-based control panel
  • Create unlimited departments
  • Central control to manage allowed/restricted websites by department/employee
  • System-wide announcements
  • Events and calendar
  • User directory
  • Prevent data theft
  • Detect BCC email
  • Protect servers from Dos/Ddos attacks
  • System-wide messaging
  • Monitoring of visited websites and searched keywords
  • Set times employees can surf the internet


Safe Tools for Smart Schools

Education facilities will save valuable funds by having a central point for managing internet access across a country/state/region or school rather than duplicating services and costs. Multi-level control panel means that decisions on content can be decided at country/state/region/school level or across the board.


  • System deployed at national, regional or local level.
  • Multi-level web-based control panel allowing access by authorised personnel at varying levels.
  • Add unlimited schools
  • Control websites for different schools and by age range etc.
  • Restrict surfing to particular times for staff and students
  • Whitelist and blacklist combo
  • Events and Calendars
  • System wide messaging
  • System wide announcements
  • Monitor visited websites and keywords

TCG Safe Search

Keeping it Clean

TCG Safe Search is for families and individuals that wish to search the net without accidentally stumbling across offensive websites. The open internet, though a vast resource of knowledge, has sites and images most of us would prefer not to see. Popular search engines employ their own version of safe search but because this is based on filtering technology, inappropriate sites and images can slip through the filter, even when innocent search terms are entered.

When you search with TCG Safe Search, you have confidence that your innocent key word searches will only bring up results from our clean internet feed. We’ve already checked and cleared tens of millions of safe sites and scan them regularly to ensure that your surfing experience is a good one. TCG Safe Search is simple to use and free. Just click here and go to and select it as your home page

Since inception the internet has been dominated by the English language with respect to content. In the last few years there has been a growing desire in the non-English world to encourage and promote local language and cultural content. TCG has customised its search algorithms to enable promotion of local content in an individual country or region.


  • No download necessary
  • Does not slow down the internet
  • Multi-lingual and Multi-cultural
  • Prioritises local language sites
  • No inappropriate advertising

TCG takes your surfing experience seriously.Whilst we believe the TCG Safe Search engine is safer than search engines utilising filters, no system is 100% fool-proof. TCG still strongly promotes parental supervision when children are using the internet.


The Cyber Guardian (TCG) is a private technology company originating in Australia with labs in Malaysia and the Philippines. TCG has developed a range of high level security systems for Governments, ISPs and small to multi-national corporations. The range includes sophisticated network security, threat management gateways and modern network filtering and reporting capabilities.

Child online protection remains a high priority and the TCG Child Online Protection system aimed at Governments and ISP's provides an entirely safe environment for children without censoring adults and without slowing down the network. The system includes Apps to protect smartphones and other devices when children are outside the home environment. Similar corporate and school versions allow protection of employees and students with multi level control panel management.




Cybersecurity in the spotlight at ITU Telecom World 2013

This year, for the first time, there was a dedicated Cybersecurity Pavilion at ITU Telecom World. ITU’s partners — ABI Research, Nuix, High Tech Bridge, The Cyber Guardian, Symantec, the Regional Cybersecurity Centre (RCC) and the International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threats (IMPACT) — came together to showcase and disseminate information on cybersecurity-related activities that focus on ensuring a secure and safer digital environment. Read More

Regional cyber security drill

The ITU Regional Cyber Security Centre, hosted by Oman’s National CERT, in coordination with ITU-IMPACT will be conducting its first cyber drill for the Arab region, as one of the key deliverables under the Centre’s mandate. The Regional Cyber Drill will be held at the Crown Plaza Hotel — Muscat from the 22nd to 24th October 2013. The cyber drill will expose participants from national Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) to various scenarios based on case studies and real-life situations, designed to provide them with an opportunity to test their skills and knowledge in responding to such attacks. The drill also aims to strengthen regional networking, communication, and cooperation procedures in order to ensure a successful continued collective regional effort to combat cyber threats. Read More

Parental control software to block all undesirable sites

AMMAN — A software programme to be available for Internet users by the end of October, will not only enable parents to deny their children access to pornographic websites but also those promoting gambling or containing undesirable content. The UN-approved software, which was developed by Australian company TCG and given to the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, is also expected to reduce the level of cyber crime in Jordan as it gives web users access to "clean Internet" and prevents access to websites that contain viruses, Trojans and other types of malicious software. Read More

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